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Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of Mississippi Libraries is an advocacy project of the Mississippi Library Commission.  It is our hope that all of Mississippi’s public libraries will take advantage of this opportunity to get feedback, comments and kudos from patrons.  This feedback will be invaluable as we prepare for the next legislative session in January 2019.  If there is another day that works better, i.e. there is a large program at the library that would be better, no problem, just be sure to send in all your information by August 17th to Susan Liles at

Feel free to put your own spin on this day!  Upload images and comments to your social media outlets!  Let’s bombard the web with “all things Mississippi libraries!”


Some quick and easy ideas to make Snapshot Day a success:  Snapshot Day Ideas(1)


Please fill out this important form and send in to MLC by August 17th (don’t forget to send photos too!):  PEOPLE NEED LIBRARIES, LIBRARIES NEED YOU!


Form to distribute to library patrons for quotes, feedback, etc. (be sure to take patron photos!) Form for Snapshot Day


To download the jpeg logo and banner, right click on the images, and then click on “save image as”.  Put the images in a folder with all of your other Snapshot Day items!


The form below can be used as an opportunity to share some great library stories all year long!  Feel free to send us any of your great library stories that we might use in our newsletter or on social media!  Help us tell some of the wonderful library stories from across Mississippi.

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