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Friends of Mississippi Libraries, Inc.

As charitable organizations in Mississippi, local Friends chapters can choose to share the Friends of Mississippi Libraries, Inc.’s U.S. Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)(3) non-profit designation. It is also important for all Friends chapters to register as tax-exempt charitable organization with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office:

Starting a Friends Group in Mississippi:
Maintaining a Friends Group in Mississippi:
Tools to Help Friends of the Library
The Margaret Murray Grant
The purpose of The Margaret Murray grant is to advance library programming and literacy for Mississippi public libraries through activities sponsored by the local Friends of Mississippi Libraries chapters.
Margaret Murray, retired employee for the Mississippi Library Commission and liaison to the State Friends of Mississippi Libraries, actively supported and encouraged many local public libraries in the state of Mississippi to establish Friends of the Library chapters. Her efforts resulted in the establishment of over 100 local chapters. The State Friends support of local libraries has strengthened and enhanced communities around the state of Mississippi since 1972.
Funds are earmarked for programming, collection development, and literacy activities. Funds are not intended for administrative or operational use. Grants for 2017 will be $500 and three chapters are to be awarded. Successful applicants have agreed to match grant funds at the minimum of 10% ($50.00). Questions? Contact Lacy Ellinwood:
Deadline: February 24th, 2017.
Awards will be announced: April 3rd, 2017.

2016 Recipients:

  • The Friends of Lincoln County Public Library, Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library System
  • Friends of the Pascagoula Public Library, Jackson George Regional Library System
  • The Friends of Stone County Libraries, Pine Forest Regional Library System